Happy Valentine's Day.
There is a sealed envelope left on the bedside table, whenever the lady of the house finally rises from her bed to the scent of bacon and coffee wafting in from the kitchen. Once opened she'd find a gold key, a familiar gold key, and a note that reads:

What is mine is yours. My heart, my soul, and... go upstairs to the observatory and look outside. I trust it will be in much better care with you from now on.


Your future husband

Outside she'd find a burbling golden mechanical head, decorated with pink ribbons and bows, hovering there.

One last Mogging.
Because Auell's boyfriend deserves a little bit of love.

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Putting this over here, too.
For Lohendrin and Boenne. I have one done for my hunter as well but I haven't typed out all the gear I used for his mogging. Later, perhaps.

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And now, Paeorth's Turn.
The following gifts were sent out by one Paeorth Skybow. One can assume he's an enchanter, and also learning the ins and outs of Engineering.

To Chesric- Two scrolls, both of which are enchantments that can be applied to Chesric's gloves (one for intellect, the other for strength). A flask of plum brandy.
To Lucrezia (care of her mother)- A mechanical dragonling, that follows her around and spits out harmless arcane sparks.
To Lazirus- A mechanical mini-bear that can be programmed to roar on command.
To Andovar- Much the same as Chesric, except the scrolls enhance his gloves and his boots, both adding a measure of strength. And a flask of plum brandy.

Winter Veil.
I really never know what to give people for Winter Veil, and I'm pretty bad about knowing what I would want, either. My father even had to take me aside and scold me when I told Alinor she was my gift. Women apparently like ideas on what kind of gifts to give, telling them you don't want anything or you're happy as you are is Not Helpful.

I have a lot to learn, I guess.

But for her I made a ring, yes another one, but this one I had to get a little help from Garotar to make it. It's a gear ring, mini-gears in a silver band that turn when you twist the ring. I'd say it was a good idea, she still twists the ring unconciously in fascination.

For Garotar and Norrien, and Skruffy I used some steel reinforced thorium to create beer mugs. I didn't want to get too fancy with them, I mean they're meant to be used, not put on display. And I included a flask of beer I'd been storing downstairs. I hope Garotar likes it, I know Skruffy will. I don't think I will doubt Norrien enjoying it.

Ruckus does not need more beer, not after we had to find him the other day in Silvermoon and drag him away from one of the bars. So for him I found a good wooly scarf to wear even if he's running around as a bear. It's as brightly colored as he is. I purchased similar for Adura, Isulde and Aifhe, though theirs are much more muted colors with gloves to match.

My father has a new focusing monocle for his arcane studies. I noticed him squinting at a few pages and when I said something he was obviously flustered and told me never to get old. I used some ground up carnelian to make the lens a reddish hue, but when he looks through it the world will be crystal clear. I made a similiar one for my brother, though the lens is blue with ground zephyrite.

For Ilmarien, I sent a tin of cookies and a warm scarft as brightly colored as the one I gave Ruckus. And a few pouches of cocoa mixed with sugar to add to some hot water to hopefully help keep her warm in Northrend.

Lastly I sent a gift to Chesric, a golden pin decorated with red and black jewels in the form of the Blood Knight symbol. Something he can pin to his formal wear when we are not required to wear our armor. And a jeweled comb for his sister. I realize she has not yet been located (last I heard) but when she is found (and she /will/ be) she will have a gift waiting for her, too.

A Letter (not to Auell)
"Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark." - George Iles

My dearest Vanosa,

Of course my prayers are with you and your family, and I do hope that soon there shall be a proper resolution in your favor. Should you require my aid in this matter, you have only to ask. In the meanwhile, I have not forgotten the promise of arcane imbued thread and as such, I have included several varieties in this package. I am sure that at the moment you'll have no need for these, but think of them as tokens of victory, to be enjoyed once whatever distresses you has been conquered.



[Included in the package are several carefully wound bundles of fine silk thread, imbued with a tinge of magic. They are labeled by bits of parchment tucked within the bundle. Everything from 'stays clean longer' to 'carries a permanent, faint scent of roses'.]

Time flies.
It has been six months since I first fell in love with Alinor. Well, that's not quite right. It's been six months since she professed to having romantic inclinations toward me and I admitted to reciprocating those feelings. Six months since I was her first kiss and once she decided she rather liked the business of kissing, she embraced it as wholeheartedly as she does everything she's enthusiastic about.

We've had a lot of firsts since then. And I hope there will be more in the future. But more than that, I want to be her last, her only. And despite all my worries that she'll realize I'm just too broken, that her patience will finally crumble and she'll find someone with fewer issues, I still wake in the morning to find her head resting on my shoulder. When she's gone all day working on projects or searching for relics, she still comes back to me and recalls with great detail all the doings of her day. We have this routine that is comfortable, and she is not jealous or possessive of me or my time. But if I've been neglecting her I get that piercing stare until I apologize.

Sometimes I'm not sure what I even did wrong, I just apologize. I suppose Skruffy would declare me well trained.

And that leads me to other topics. Unbreakable has apparently disbanded, and Skruffy has decided to retire and take up blacksmithing in Ogrimmar. So I get to see him on occasion when I drop by. Ruckus now accompanies me with a small cohort, as does Adura. I can't begin to explain how estatic I am to be working with them again. Adura and I just have this rapport that hasn't faded in the slightest in the time we've been apart. She has a student now, another Forsaken named Aifhe.

My brother is my brother. To be honest, I see less of him these days. He's always flitting about somewhere. Outlands one day, Northrend the next. And asking him what he's up to? Might as well ask a stone what it's up to, you won't get an answer either way. At least, not one you can make any sense out of. And if you do get an answer at all, it startles you.

I haven't been fair to my father. I realize this now, and the more I think on it the more embarassed I am to admit he's right about some things. It was wrong of me to run off and join the Blood Knights without at least letting him know I was doing so. I still maintain that it was my decision, despite my age, and I would do so again in a heartbeat. But if I did have it to do all over, I think I'd do something to let him know I was ok and not dead somewhere.

And as much as it irritates me, his overwhelming concern is just something I'll have to get used to. After all, he's clearly not changing my mind about the things I've chosen to do. Also he's finally accepting that I'm marrying Alinor. Strangely enough, he came back home the other day humming something to himself and acting weird. He was smiling when he asked to talk to me and then told me he was happy I had the choice to marry, and would not face an arranged wedding at any point in my life.

Then he drifted up the stairs to the spire, still humming to himself.

Oh. Speaking of weddings, our is coming up in 3 months. I'm not even sure if I should worry about it. I have no idea what's involved with one.

(no subject)
Dear Lazirus,

Sorry to be so late getting back to you. Been doing a lot of stuff over here, and I keep telling myself I should give you a proper response but then something happens and... you get the picture, I'm sure.

As for animal handling, I would be happy to have you come over anytime and show you the ropes. You should come over just to see the stable, it's quite full.


Paeorth Skybow

PS: Arribelle wanted me to include this picture for you.

Inserted is a picture drawn in very colorful inks of a stick figure with a drawn on bear costume. At least, it might be a bear costume. It's not entirely easy to tell. There is green grass and a lemon yellow sun in the background. The words at the bottom of the picture read (in childlike script) 'For my friend Laz. Love, Arribelle'

And when you ran to me
Your cheeks flushed with the night
We walked on frosted fields
of juniper and lampllight
I held your hand

'For Emily Wherever I May Find Her' - Simon and Garfunkel

((I am not an artist. But I have some small talent with writing. And one good deed deserves another. For wowclectic's player.))

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Letters to Auell
So, Auell says I should just keep a journal now, considering he's with me again and I don't have to spill out my life's story to him in letters anymore. I'll talk more about him later. For now, I have a new pet to introduce to the others. This one was flying pretty high above the Sanctuary of Malorne and I caught quite a few people staring at it thinking of killing it. Not about to let that happen. No respect for the wildlife, I swear.

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