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This is not the way I'm wired
The Tome is, yet again, a fascinating study into the insane and insipid. It stuns me to realize I met Alinor through this thing. The Light must have been smiling on me that day. We have people opening discussing their sex lives (and I'm told it's relatively tame these days, it gets worse?), females pining for some long lost love (or never was love? I don't know this either) while currently engaged to other men, and males strutting like roosters around each other.

I am, however, glad for the warlock talking about his day to day activities and the orcs he befriends. They at least shed a bit of normalcy on the Tome. And the Gilnean with his love for tea.

Then there's my brother and his brand of insanity. Who I can hear cackling in the other room if some kind of innuendo goes right over my head, or if I say something that tickles him. He's singing in the kitchen now, I can hear him through the closed door to my bedroom.

I should ask Alinor if she can somehow sound proof the room.

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*Alinor does Science to the room!*

*grabs Alinor for some /personal/ Science afterwards*

Ah, the Tome. Etain doesn't miss hers at all. -Way- too easy to misinterpret everything and get into pointless arguments.

((XD It's pretty entertaining to watch. Sometimes I have to sit on my hands and tell myself NO NO NO LOH WOULD NOT COMMENT ON THAT.))

((Hehe, yeah. I converted Etain's to belonging to my Night Elf, who is way too nice and peaceful to get into many arguments. She just says nice things and then draws pictures of bears.))

*doodle of a bear batting its eyelashes as if to say, "Aw, lil ol' me?"*

{ Pictures of bears are the best. :3 }

Hehe! I wish I had a way to actually -draw- the bears!

*doodle of a big bear squeeshing Alinor in a bear hug*

(( Tea is an entirely civilized drink; tis the staff of life along with bread, I do not doubt. ))

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