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(no subject)
I think if I tried to cut cheese with Val'anyr, well it'd be fairly messy. Who uses their weapon to cut food anyway?

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Pros, more commonly referred to as "people who fight with daggers unlike those big sissy paladins in plate with their, their shiny armor, and their fancy parties".

Just don't eat with a knife you've poisoned. This actually came up recently.

((Hahahaha. Sure, we're sissies, until something BIG and MEAN tries to eat you then you all have no problem hiding behind our huge honkin' shields.

Also, ew. That could get interesting. Who did it?))

{ That's not hiding. That's just. I WAS MAKING SURE NOTHING SNUCK UP ON YOU. >.>

No one went through with it, but Lar and Vorrick needed a way to skin a gopher and it was pointed out at some length that using one of Lar's knives for this would be a terrible idea. }

((Aellais, put your hand down! That doesn't count!))

((Maybe the cheese offended him.

With the way it...stared...

I'm half tempted to come up with some Thalassian thing involving cheese.))

((Could always name it Bleu. ;) ))

((There's an idea, and not too bad, either. Hmmm.))

I know! Name it Trias, for the Master of Cheese. XD

((Actually, I like how Trias sounds...))

((Alinor doesn't! That's what a Gnomish Army Knife is for.))

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